Socket Preservation

smiling woman at Keith A. Boenning, DDS When tooth removal becomes unavoidable, the question of jaw preservation becomes paramount. If a tooth is lost there are a few risk factors that arise. Without feedback from a tooth the bone under your gums can begin to disappear. This is known as bone loss. The gums surrounding the lost tooth can also start to shrink. When bone and tissue loss takes place in your mouth the surrounding teeth can be adversely affected. In order to avoid further tooth loss, and the changes in facial structure that come with bone and tissue loss, we provide a treatment option called socket preservation procedure that can prevent such occurrences.

What Does a Socket Preservation Procedure Entail?

When a tooth is removed from your jaw, a hole is left behind. This hole is the socket where the root of your tooth sat. To prevent bone and tissue loss we will fill the socket with bone or bone substitute. Once the socket has been filled and the gums are closed with sutures. The site will heal and the bone in the socket will form into new bone within your jaw. A new, solid base has been created for a future implant.

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