Chipped Tooth Towson, MD

Enamel is the outer layer of your teeth. It provides a durable shield and protects your teeth from decay and bacteria. Your tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances in your body.

However, it does have limits and can be chipped if enough pressure is applied. Once you chip your tooth, it does not grow back. Dr. Keith Boenning and Dr. Nate Dancykier are expert general dentists in Towson, MD that offer several treatments to fix a chipped tooth.

Treatment for Chipped Tooth in Towson, Maryland

What Causes a Chipped Tooth?

Even though your teeth are very strong, they are not indestructible. With enough pressure, they can crack and break. It is actually common for people to get small chips here and there throughout their life. However, a larger chip will have to be addressed by a dentist. Chipped teeth can be caused by:

  • Teeth grinding
  • A blow to the face (like through contact sports)
  • Chewing on hard objects (such as ice, nuts, and pen caps)
  • Car accidents
  • Falling

Repairing Your Chipped Tooth

It is actually important to repair your chipped tooth. Even a small chip can create instability in the tooth and leave it vulnerable to further damage. A larger chip may leave the interior of the tooth exposed to germs and bacteria. This can cause an infection. The treatment for that is a root canal or extraction. Fixing a chipped tooth will help protect the tooth from further damage and restore your smile.

Treatment for a Chipped Tooth in Towson, MD

Dr. Keith Boenning and Dr. Nate Dancykier provide several treatment options for patients who chip their teeth. After a brief consult, they will suggest the best treatment option for you depending on the severity of the damage. A small chip may only require a single visit to fix while a large chip may need several trips to the dentist office to fix.

Dental Bonding

Tooth bonding is a popular and affordable dental treatment that dentists use for various reasons. Your dentist may suggest dental bonding to correct a chipped tooth for several reasons. These reasons include if the patient is too young or not ready to commit to a more permanent treatment.

Your dentist will apply a composite resin directly to the tooth and then sculpt it into the desired shape. They will use a curing light to harden the material. The bonding material is not permanent and will need to be touched up or replaced eventually. However, it is a cheap, quick, and effective solution for chipped teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

While a filling and dental bonding will work just fine to fix a chipped tooth, they will require touch-ups often. A porcelain veneer is a permanent solution that will completely hide the damage. It is a very thin shell that your dentist will bond to the front and sides of the tooth. They are custom-made to blend in naturally with the rest of your natural teeth. The treatment will take about two to three dentist appointments to complete.

Dental Crown

For a larger chipped tooth, your dentist may recommend a dental crown. This would be a more permanent solution. A custom dental crown will be placed on the tooth to restore strength and function. It will also protect the tooth from further damage. The dental crown process involves several trips to our Towson, MD dentist office.