Implant Supported Crown Towson, MD

If you are missing a tooth, you can benefit from implant dentistry. A single dental implant offers a long-term solution over a fixed dental bridge. An implant can secure a dental crown to replace the lost tooth. Dr. Keith Boenning and Dr. Nathan Dancykier are highly trained prosthodontists in Towson, MD, that provide top-quality implant services. An implant-secured crown is the best replacement solution available today.

Implant Supported Crown in Townson MD

How Does an Implant-Supported Crown Work?

A dental implant is a metal fixture that is inserted into the jaw bone. This requires a routine surgical procedure that our dentists can perform. It will serve as a tooth root replacement and support the dental crown. Once in place, the fixture will fuse with the surrounding bone. This is what will make it durable. It typically takes about three to six months for the bone to grow around the implant. Then we will fit you for a custom dental crown. We will secure it to the dental implant for a natural-looking restoration.

The Benefits of a Single Tooth Implant

There are many reasons to choose a dental implant for a missing tooth. The best is that they are natural looking. Most people will not even be able to tell which one is the false tooth.

A traditional dental bridge is made of two dental crowns located on each end, with a false tooth (the pontic) located in the middle. This missing tooth solution requires your dentist to file down the two teeth that are adjacent to the gap. Then the crowns are cemented to the filed-down teeth. Essentially, you are damaging two healthy teeth and making them endure extra strain to replace one tooth. With an implant-supported crown, you will only replace the tooth that is missing, and your remaining teeth are not touched.

When a tooth goes missing, so does its root. The root is what keeps the underlying bone regenerating and healthy. A bridge does not replace the tooth at the root. However, the dental implant will act as a tooth root. This prevents bone loss which holds the natural structure of the face.

Do I qualify for an implant-supported crown?

Most people who have lost a tooth will qualify for a dental implant. The most important part of candidacy is being in good health. Good overall health and oral health will lower the chances of implant failure. If you smoke, use chewing tobacco, drink alcohol heavily, or take certain kinds of medications, you may not qualify for a tooth implant. Dentists want patients to have good oral health with a strong underlying bone structure and healthy gum tissue. Additionally, they should be in good overall health.

Can I get an implant-supported dental crown on a front tooth?

We can replace any tooth in your mouth with an implant-supported dental crown. The only special thing we will have to do is create a crown that will blend in perfectly. This solution is actually better for you than a dental bridge. We will not have to file down any other healthy front teeth. Once we secure the crown to the implant, it will look natural and be difficult to distinguish from your natural teeth.