Failing Teeth Towson, MD

Have dentists told you you have “hopeless teeth”? Are you frustrated by constant dental problems? Dr. Keith Boenning and Dr. Nathan Dancykier provide full mouth restorations for severely worn, cracked, fractured, infected, or even missing teeth. They address these dental concerns in their Towson, MD dental office.

Dr. Boenning and Dr. Dancykier are prosthodontists dedicated to helping patients fill the gaps in their smiles or restore damaged or infected teeth. Additionally, they have years of experience in assisting patients with difficult and extensive dental issues.

Treating Tooth Damage in Towson, Maryland

Restoring Failed Teeth

Dr. Boenning and Dr. Dancykier may recommend one or more procedures to help you restore your teeth to their optimal health and appearance. Before treatment, they will conduct a thorough examination using x-rays, digital imaging, and other diagnostics. Using this dental technology, they will be able to create a treatment plan that targets your specific oral health problems.

Tooth Extractions

We use tooth extractions as a last resort. The ultimate goal is to save teeth and restore them when possible. Reasons we may extract them include severe damage, overcrowding, or severe decay. In these cases, extracting them is the best option to improve your overall oral health.

If you have overcrowded teeth, you may have difficulty keeping them clean. Lack of proper oral care can easily lead to gum disease or tooth decay. If you have infected teeth that are not treated, the disease can spread and take over your entire mouth. However, extracting problem teeth allows us to work with a healthier foundation.

Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease is a serious problem yet is very simple to avoid. This common oral health problem can lead to painful symptoms and can even cause tooth loss when left untreated. As periodontitis, or gum disease, progresses, it may lead to gum recession, bone loss, and tooth loss.

Treating gum disease as soon as possible is the best thing you can do for your oral health. Typically with early intervention, we can successfully treat it. Scaling and root planing is a great treatment that we use. It will remove the infection from under the gums and help the teeth reattach to the gums. In some cases, a deep cleaning and antibacterial rinse may is all you need.

Missing Teeth Solutions

If you suffer from missing teeth, there are several ways to restore them. After a tooth extraction, periodontal therapy, or trauma, we will use dental implants, dental bridges, or dentures to replace your teeth. The number one way to restore missing teeth is with dental implants.

This treatment can fail if patients have a predisposition to dental decay or gum infections. It is important that your dentist addresses those issues first prior to implant treatment to ensure success.

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If your failing teeth are interfering with the quality of your life, we can help you restore them. Helping patients have a functioning and pretty smiles again is our main goal. Schedule an appointment with our experienced dental team on our website. You may also call our office at 410.324.2294 to request an appointment with our office staff.