General Dentistry Towson, MD

Dr. Nathan Dancykier is a dentist in Towson, MD, and is here to help you maintain your dental health and prevent future dental concerns. This is why we offer extensive general dentistry solutions. General dentistry solutions include standard services like dental cleanings, X-rays, periodontal screenings, and exams.

However, our office goes above and beyond standard dental services. We have expanded our general dentistry services to include tooth extractions, sedation dentistry solutions, emergency dentistry services, and oral appliance therapy.

General Dentistry Office in Towson, Maryland

General Dentistry in Towson, MD

We are happy to provide you with your necessary routine dental care at our Towson, MD, dental office. Our doctors are highly-trained in all aspects of dentistry and are happy to help you maintain your dental health. Our goal is to help our patients achieve lifelong dental health and wellness. Going above and beyond traditional dentistry solutions, our doctors have expanded our general dentistry services to include the following:

Night guards

Night guards are a useful tool for treating complex dental concerns like teeth grinding or TMJ disorders. Teeth grinding occurs usually at night when patients unintentionally grind their teeth together. Stress or anxiety can cause this teeth grinding. TMJ disorders occur when the joints in your jawbone become inflamed or damaged.

Our dentists can fix these two dental concerns with oral appliance therapy, using a custom night guard. The night guard will hold your jawbone in a healthier resting position. The night guard also ensures that you do not damage your teeth or wear them down while you sleep.

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, a permanent tooth is causing more problems rather than it’s worth. We can safely extract an impacted tooth, or a severely decayed tooth using a tooth extraction procedure. We also offer wisdom tooth removal services, all under one roof.

Our dentists in Towson will ensure that we keep you calm and comfortable during the extraction process. We can also provide restorative dentistry treatment plans following your extraction to replace the lost tooth.

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies often occur when you are least expecting them. Fortunately, our dental office provides emergency dentistry services. Any unexpected dental damage or discomfort is a dental emergency.

Visit your local dentist as soon as possible following a dental emergency to reduce pain or discomfort. Our office makes every effort to see patients who have experienced a dental emergency as soon as possible. We will evaluate your smile, find the cause of your discomfort, and treat it promptly.

Sedation Dentistry

Patients who have dental anxiety or fear of the dentist do not worry when visiting our dental office. We provide sedation dentistry solutions such as laughing gas, oral sedation medications, and local anesthetics. Our team will keep you calm and comfortable for the duration of your appointment.

Furthermore, we can incorporate sedation dentistry solutions into any of our treatment plans, even dental cleanings. Talk to our dentist about your dental sedation options if you are feeling especially anxious about your upcoming appointment.

FAQs About General Dentistry

Learn more about our general dentistry services and treatments by reading through the answers to commonly asked questions. Contact us during regular office hours if you have more questions about any of our general dentistry services.

How long does it take to get a custom night guard from a dentist?

The time it takes to get a custom night guard from a dentist depends on the type of night guard you are getting. Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from one to three weeks for your dentist to create your custom night guard. This includes the time the dentist needs to take impressions and ensure proper fit after the final appliance.

Do night guards stop clenching?

While a night guard does not eliminate bruxism, the appliance will reduce the clenching and grinding tension on your teeth. The guard will protect your teeth from damage.

Controlling the symptoms of bruxism requires patients to consider stress management techniques as well. The techniques will train your jaw and mouth to reduce the risk of clenching and grinding overnight or during the day.

What foods can I eat after tooth extraction?

After tooth extraction, your dentist will recommend that you eat soft and easy-to-chew foods for the first few days. This will help ensure proper healing of the extraction site and reduce the risk of complications. Some suitable examples include oatmeal, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, soup, pudding, applesauce, yogurt, ice cream, and smoothies. Eat a softer diet for two weeks following a significant tooth removal or surgical removal of wisdom teeth.

How painful is a tooth extraction?

Our team focuses on ensuring every dental visit is comfortable and pain-free. We use proper local anesthetics, and oral-conscious sedation if necessary. You will be at ease during your stay for simple or surgical extractions.

Can an emergency dentist remove wisdom teeth?

Emergency dentists can remove wisdom teeth when there is severe pain and discomfort from an infection or impaction. However, it is often best to have a dentist you are familiar with performing the procedure if possible. This will help ensure proper healing and reduce the risk of complications.

Is sedation dentistry safe for senior citizens?

Whether or not sedation dentistry is safe for seniors will depend on the type of sedation the dentist uses. Nitrous oxide is often appropriate for most patients, while deeper levels of sedation may pose some potential risks. Seniors with respiratory or cardiovascular conditions are more at risk than those who do not have those medical conditions. Request an appointment with our dentists to learn more.