Denture Exams and Maintenance
Towson, MD

A woman smiling after receiving a denture exam at Keith A. Boenning, DDS in Towson, MDYour dentures are designed to help restore many of the functions of missing teeth. With dentures, you can eat many of your favorite foods again, speak effectively, and smile confidently. For them to function properly, however, they need to fit properly and be in good condition. Regular denture care, denture exams and maintenance are essential. Keith A. Boenning, DDS can help.

Effects of Ill-Fitting Dentures

When your dentures do not fit properly, you can be left with several problems. First, ill-fitting dentures can cause significant discomfort. They put significant pressure on your gums and can rub your gum tissues, which can then lead to painful denture sores. Ill-fitting dentures may not stay in place. They can move around and even fall out. Not only does this cause embarrassment, but it can also affect your abilities to eat and speak properly. Dentures that do not fit properly can also lead to a faster bone loss in your jaw, causing the bone to grow weaker and change shape quicker.

Maintaining Your Dentures at Home

Dentures need to be taken proper care of every single day. They need to be removed every night and brushed with denture paste or with soap and water. They also need to be soaked overnight while you sleep. Soaking your dentures prevents them from drying out and warping, which can then affect their fit. Cleaning and maintaining your dentures at home is essential for eliminating plaque and bacteria, both of which can cause serious issues like gum disease.

Denture Exams

Denture exams are not all that different than your routine dental cleanings and exams. During your exam, we update your medical and dental history. We perform a thorough oral exam. During this exam, we assess your gum tissue as well as your bone. We also look over the other soft tissues in your mouth for signs of abnormalities and assess the condition of your healthy teeth. We assess the stability of your dentures as well as the quality of your bite with your current dentures. Your dentures are looked over for cracks, chips, and other damage. Finally, we will clean and polish your dentures, which helps to remove any plaque or bacteria that may have been missed at home as well as any surface stains that might be affecting their color.

What if My Dentures are Damaged or Do Not Fit Anymore?

If you notice any damage to your dentures at home or begin to notice that they no longer fit properly, it is important that you schedule an appointment right away. It is important that you do not attempt to fix damage to your dentures on your own, as this can lead to further damage. During your appointment, we can assess the damage to your dentures and perform any necessary repairs. If your dentures are too damaged, or they no longer fit properly, we can take impressions and create you a new dental restoration.

Regular denture exams and maintenance are essential for ensuring that your dentures can function effectively and that your mouth remains healthy. For more information and to schedule your next denture exam, call Keith A. Boenning, DDS at (410) 828-1717 today.
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