Maintain Oral Hygiene While Traveling

With the holiday season approaching, you likely have plans to travel. If you intend to go on vacation, you may be looking forward to a break in your usual routine.

However, your oral hygiene should not be relaxed while you are away from home. Plaque can still pose a threat to your smile when you are on the go. Dr. Keith Boenning, a dentist located in Towson, MD, provides tips for maintaining good oral hygiene and protecting your oral health as you travel.

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Keep Hygienic Supplies Accessible

Before you leave home for a trip, you might make a list of items to pack, including your oral hygiene supplies. But stowing your toothbrush and toothpaste in your suitcase can make it difficult to stick to your usual oral hygiene routine, especially if your luggage is checked on a plane or kept in a hotel room.

For this reason, it can be useful to keep spare oral hygiene items in your handbag or pocket. This way, you can brush and floss your teeth without disrupting your schedule, effectively removing plaque before it can cause severe damage to your smile.

Snack with Your Teeth in Mind

You might be looking forward to specific meals during your vacation. But you may also want to plan ahead when it comes to snacking so that you can choose the healthiest options for your smile.

Sugary or acidic foods, like candy or citrus, could erode your enamel, leaving your teeth vulnerable to sensitivity pain, cavities, or other dental problems. Good snack options include fibrous or crunchy foods, such as carrots or celery, which can get rid of plaque build-up from your teeth as you eat.

Drink Plenty of Water

You may have a busy schedule as you travel, but you should remember to drink plenty of water to protect your teeth and gums. Low levels of hydration decrease saliva production, causing an unpleasant sensation called dry mouth.

This environment allows bacteria to spread across your teeth easily and raises your risk of contracting gum disease. To preserve your periodontal health, you should drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day.

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