Do Your Dentures Need an Upgrade? Here are 3 Signs They Do

Posted on 1/15/2020 by Keith Boenning, DDS
Do Your Dentures Need an Upgrade? Here are 3 Signs They DoLife is quite unpredictable. You can have an accident at any given time that will lead to your teeth getting knocked out or sustaining some damage in one way or another.

In such a case, you would turn to us for treatment and also to see how we can fix the function and aesthetics of the destroyed tooth. Toward this end, prosthodontists like us take our time and fit you with dentures that are supposed to act like the tooth that was removed.

Not only should it look the part, it should also be functional enough that doing some basic activities such as talking and chewing food shouldn't be a problem. However, dentures aren't made of the same stuff as the organic tooth. As such, it needs some taking care and when the wear and tear is enough, maybe getting an upgrade. Here are a few signs that you need an upgrade.

Reasons to Get a Denture Upgrade

Dentures are made of different materials. Depending on how much you want to spend on the dentures, your final result will vary. As such, one of the most obvious signs that you need a denture upgrade is when there are cracks, chips, and other type of damage. These cracks are often caused by the dental care we get and what we eat. If you notice some cracks, it might be time to get other dentures.

You might also want to get an upgrade when the denture doesn't fit right anymore. Since they are often secured, it is important that you tell us if you notice that your denture starts getting wobbly. Another reason you might consider getting a denture upgrade is when you feel pain when you are chewing or biting down onto something. This pain might be a sign something is not right. If you need to get a denture upgrade, do it by calling us right away. We can't wait to help!
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