Composite Bonding and Stains - What You Need to Know

Posted on 10/15/2019 by Keith Boenning, DDS
Composite Bonding and Stains – What You Need to KnowSome people are born with teeth that are yellow in color, while others have teeth that become yellow as time goes by. The natural color of your teeth will be affected by various factors.

Discoloration and surface stains can be caused by the following tobacco (either chewed or smoked), drinking tea, red wine or coffee, eating high pigmented foods like blueberries and cherries and accumulation of tartar.

On the other hand, internal stains can be caused by the graying or yellowing of the teeth due to the aging process, trauma to your teeth that will result from the death of the tooth's nerve. This can result in a gray, yellow or brown color.

Other causes of internal stains include consumption of too much fluoride, especially when teeth are still forming and the treatment with antibiotic tetracycline while the teeth are developing.

What Does Composite Bonding Entail

Bonding uses composite resin to cover stained teeth of the surface, in turn, giving you a beautiful appearance to a misshapen or broken tooth.

To begin the process, we will first use a shade guide to select a composite resin color which matches the natural color of your teeth. We will then roughen up the surface of your teeth to prevent your new tooth from becoming extremely bulky before applying a liquid which will allow the agent to stick to your teeth. We will then etch microscopic grooves into your teeth using a mild acid.

We will apply a composite resin that's matched to the color of your teeth, then contour into shape before we set it using a curing light and then complete the process by polishing and smoothing the tooth. Finally, we will harden the material using an ultraviolet light.

If you have a tooth that's either cracked, discolored or chipped; then you should make a point of booking an appointment with us. After a careful examination, we will then advise you accordingly.
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