Accepting the Fact that You Need Dentures

Posted on 5/20/2019 by Keith Boenning, DDS
Accepting the Fact that You Need DenturesThere are times where a person needs dentures and they are totally understanding of it. However, there are also times where someone may need dentures and it comes as a bit of a shock. This typically happens with younger patients. If this is the circumstance you find yourself in, don't fret. Coming to terms with getting dentures is often a matter of perspective.

How to Come to Terms with Dentures

With your old teeth, chances are, they were damaged. Either they underwent some type of trauma, or caries took their health from you. Either way, now you have a new reality. Dentures give you the ability to eat and speak again, much like you did with your original teeth.

If your teeth were unhealthy, then removing them and getting dentures gives you the ability to restore your dental health, too. While it may be a process to get used to them, it is a look you can get used to and it may even help restore your self-confidence as you get used to smiling with them.

The best way to come to terms with new dentures is to look at the health you regain by getting unhealthy teeth out of your mouth. When you have unhealthy teeth in your mouth, it can leave you with several problems. Your breath will likely smell bad, your gums often bleed, and you are probably in pain. Plus, the plaque in your mouth can move to other parts of your body, potentially causing other long-term health issues. By removing those teeth, all of your risk factors drop and you can smile with confidence and health once more.

When you want to take charge of your oral health, even if it involves getting dentures for the first time, call us. We can help get you prepared for the change, and work with you to learn how to use your new dentures.
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