Caring for Dentures is Different Than Dental Implants

Posted on 3/20/2019 by Keith Boenning, DDS
Caring for Dentures is Different Than Dental ImplantsAs you may be aware, dentures are different than dental implants. Dental implants are exactly that, an implanted rod that supports a prosthetic tooth in a permanent fashion.

Dentures are prosthetics that are removed daily. Let us take a look at some of the ways that you care for dentures versus how caring for dental implants.

Implants Vs. Dentures

Dental implants are a permanent way to replace either one or several missing teeth. It can be quite costly and therefore if many implants are required to restore your smile, you may opt to replace your teeth with dentures instead.

Caring for dental implants is not unlike caring for your natural teeth. There are regular cleanings and checkups, brushing twice daily and even flossing is recommended. However, with dentures, the care that is needed is slightly different. Dentures need to be cleaned daily by removing them and brushing them. After they are scrubbed and cleaned at the end of the day, we highly recommend that you store them in a glass of water overnight. This keeps them from drying out and becoming warped and ill-fitting.

With dental implants, we suggest patients brush their teeth after each meal. When a person wears dentures, we recommend that the dentures are removed and rinsed under water to remove any food debris or other loose particles. At that time, we suggest that you also rinse out your mouth and lightly brush your gums prior to reinserting your dentures. Just to make sure that all of the food particles and bacteria are removed from your mouth.

Whether you are missing one, several or all of your teeth, our staff is happy to help you on your journey to restoring your smile and getting you back on track with good oral health. Give us a call today and set up your next appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!
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