Removable or Fixed Dentures?

Missing teeth can make it difficult to enjoy eating the foods you love. You can restore your oral function and improve the look of your smile after tooth loss with dentures. These fixtures can replace several or an entire arches of lost teeth, depending on your unique dental needs.

Dentists can create dentures sealed into place in your mouth or give you the ability to take them out accordingly to your preference. Dr. Keith Boenning, a dentist practicing in Towson, MD, describes the different oral health advantages you can experience with both removable and fixed dentures.

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Removable Tooth Replacement Options

If you would like an affordable and simple option to replace your missing teeth, you can ask your dentist about removable dentures. These oral appliances feature prosthetic teeth attached to an acrylic base that usually has a metal framework and plastic clasp to support its position in your mouth.

Dentures feature a natural and beautiful finish that will boost the look of your smile if you have suffered from tooth loss. They will stop the appearance of facial sagging and can help you chew foods that were previously giving you difficulty while eating.

These devices are removable, meaning you can take them out of your mouth when not in use, such as during sleep. This may mean that you need to complete a more rigorous maintenance routine to take care of your dentures and that you may need to replace the appliance more frequently than a fixed option. But many dental patients appreciate the convenience of taking dentures out of their mouth at their leisure.

Benefits with Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures are a tooth replacement option that adheres to the patient’s mouth and can only be removed by a dental professional. Often, dentists accomplish this through dental implants.

The dentist will surgically place several titanium post anchors into the jaw, which will support the prosthetic teeth when healed. Dentists can replace one, several, or an entire arch of missing teeth in this way. Once secured, implant-supported dentures can provide restorative benefits for a lifetime.

These patients will not have to worry about their devices slipping out of place at inopportune moments. Unlike removable dentures, implants can replace a missing tooth root, preserving the jawbone below the gumline. Though this treatment is more expensive and requires greater commitment, this type of tooth replacement solution can offer more extensive long-term oral health care advantages.

Dentures and Other Tooth Replacements in Towson, MD

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